Office & Commercial Cleaning

At Just Maid, we offer professional office and commercial cleaning services. This covers general cleaning, floor mopping and buffing, and electronics cleaning. Instead of hiring support staff to handle the cleaning, why not call us in? We will provide you with more efficient and dependable services at a lower cost.

For commercial cleaning, we will cover everything on site, including the kitchens, work areas, toilets, windows, floors and the offices. At the end of the cleaning project, your commercial building will be left sparkling clean.


Why Outsource To Us?

Both individuals and businesses are undergoing difficult economic times. To help you save money, we will provide you with an exceptional commercial cleaning service – which is comparatively cheaper than having a cleaner on your payroll.


Some of the reasons clients give for outsourcing their projects to us include:


i) Save Time

Cleaning does not generate revenue for our business. Instead of spending time cleaning your premises, why not get Just Maid to do the work on your behalf? By so doing, you will be able to focus more on your core business.


ii) Save Money

Most firms cannot afford to put money into buying professional – grade cleaning supplies and equipment. If you fall within this category, give Just Maid a call and we will come to your aid.


iii) Expert Services

Most enterprises are not trained to treat, eliminate and clean stains at a professional level. By outsourcing the commercial cleaning services to Just Maid, you will be able to ensure that your premises are clean and conducive to good business and productive work.


iv) Cleaning Emergencies

In case of a cleaning emergency, the best strategy would be to call Just Maid. We are open for business 24/7 and will contain the emergency before further damage is caused.


Nursery Cleaning

Day nurseries ought to be kept clean and spotless. If you provide day nursery services, then, you ought to pay extra attention to how clean your premises are. This is the only way you will score high in your clients’ eyes.

The employees at Just Maid have the training, skills, and experience required to keep up the cleanliness standards in your nursery. Our products are not only child-friendly, but also powerful enough to eliminate and disinfect bacteria and germs.

Actually, Just Maid ranks among the few UK and Scottish cleaning companies specialising in nursery cleaning. Our attention is mostly drawn towards playrooms, toilets, area rugs, play mats, toys and kitchen.


At Just Maid Services, we have a number of categories. These include:


a) Daily Cleaning

Here, we perform general maintenance and cleaning on a daily basis. It includes mopping, damp dusting and vacuuming


b)Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleaning from Just Maid covers the cleaning and removal of marks behind cupboards and on chair legs, through-traffic areas and walls


c) Deep Cleaning

We will also spot clean your carpets and rugs, window frames, doors, floors, and walls. This is the best option for nurseries that are not up to set standards


d) Gold Star Design and Cleaning

This unique Just Maid service includes the cleanup of windows, gardening, paint works, hard floors, walls and carpets. It also covers the maintenance and inspection of all fixtures and fittings as well as the furniture therein. We also remove blue tack and staples.


e) Sanitising Deep Cleaning

This Just Maid service includes the sanitation all areas.


f) Toy Cleaning

We will sanitise and clean all the toys in your facility in a bid to stop pathogens, infections, viruses and bacteria; by so doing, we will help you ensure that the wards left in your care by loving parents are protected from the harm that would otherwise have befallen them had you not called in a professional cleaning company that is well aware of the risks posed by unsanitary living and playing conditions



Everyone working at Just Maid takes pride in our unique ability to improve the hygiene and cleanliness standards in your clinic and hospital.


We train all our members of staff to uphold the standards expected of a professional cleaning firm such as ours, and by clinical cleaning specialists. Our desire is to give you nothing but the best.


We will also sanitise your spaces using the Antiviral Sanitiser. This way, no harmful allergens or bacteria will be left lugging behind after our expert cleaners are done.


We will assess the risk levels at your clinic, ensure your clinic maintains your cleanliness target, and determine how often you might need us, or would like us to come and help you clean up.



By handing over your cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning firm, you will free some time, before you (and your colleagues) fall into actual desperation. At Just Maid we value honest clients who understand what we do.


Keep in mind that the building your office in reflect on your company. This is why you ought to get in touch with us today for expertly-trained cleaning services. From the restrooms to the clean rooms, we will cover each inch for a thoroughly spotless clean.


We also work with a wide variety of industrial facilities. Our current and past cleaners have included distribution centres, warehouses, laboratories, and transportation centres. Irrespective of your line of business, we have what it takes to clean on your behalf without disrupting the operational work going on.

Our customers


Retail Cleaning

Retail cleaning services as provided by Goldie are highly in demand. Due to the quality of work we provide, you can be assured that you will also keep coming back for more of these services.


The retail cleaners employed by Just Maid are highly trained to handle the usual needs of a retail cleaning job. We also provide them with professional-grade equipment, protective gear, and solutions. Once they are done with your retail shop, therefore, it will be left looking more spotless and shiny than you ever imagined possible.


This particular service is an efficient way to handle those cleaning chores.


We will perform the cleanup quickly, efficiently and with professional results. Retail cleaning is especially suited for small shops, kiosks, food trucks, among other retail – sector business premises.


Whether it is a detailed drapery and carpet cleaning session or a detailed kitchen clean up in your restaurant, you can be sure that Just Maid will handle the project in the least possible amount of time. Our efficient service delivery will, therefore, enable you continue running your retail shop and attracting new customers on account of its cleanliness and tidiness.


Carpet Cleaning

At Just Maid, our staff are fully trained to deliver the best possible results each and every time. Our cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry.


If your carpets are stained, covered in dirt or simply not looking as fresh as they once did then our experts can help. By the time we’re finished your carpets will be left looking and smelling as good as new.


If you’ve already tried to remove tough stains yourself, but haven’t quite managed to get things looking perfect then why not give us a call? After all, our services are an awful lot cheaper than the cost of a new carpet.


Our money back guarantee means that if we do not meet the standards agreed before we begin cleaning, you won’t pay us a penny – we really are that confident!



Whether you manage a 20 storey office block or are a homeowner, Just Maid has what it takes to leave your windows looking spotless clean and clear. Our professional cleaning services are performed by highly qualified and experienced window cleaners.


To make the service more effective, we use the latest pole – fed technology to reach those parts that are especially difficult to reach. Additionally, all our window cleaners are fully uniformed and rigorously vetted with regards to suitability. We have also insured them against falls and any other accidents that are common in the window cleaning profession, so you don’t have to worry about being sued.


Our industriousness and the number of employees we have on our payroll also means that we can handle just about any task you give us.


Indeed, we believe that no job is too small for Just Maid. From small cottages to large behemoth skyscrapers with thousands of window panes, you can depend on us to provide the high quality window cleaning you require.



We believe in providing excellent value for service. At the heart of our business, Just Maid focuses on quality and the delivery of exceptional cleaning services.


We also offer great value for your money – you just pay and we will deliver.


We often stress the importance of selecting the right cleaning service, regardless of the size of the project. Whether you simply need someone to do your windows, or have a large scale running industry in need of thorough cleaning, you can rest assured that Just Maid will be able to help you out.


For most clients, price is the main point of concentration while making a decision on whether or not to contract a cleaning job to a professional expert.


However, most cheap cleaning services out there will do a shoddy job, use substandard (and sometimes harmful) cleaning solutions, arrive late and leave early, and make you feel undervalued both as a client and as a human being.


This is not the case with Just Maid. Our IT cleaning service, in particular, has been hailed by firms large and small for the depth of knowledge we displayed and the quality of work output.


From blowing your desktop computers and clearing all the debris accumulated in your copiers and printers to safely cleaning your electric outlets and wiping your screens clean, you can rely on Just Maid to get the job done.


Additionally, we perform regular spot checks on our staff members as they are working. This strategy has really raised and maintained the exceptionally high standards that clients expect of us. At Just Maid, similarly, we pay our cleaners over and above the set minimum wage. This motivates them to show up and work hard to deliver professional grade services to our many clients.


All Just Maid service providers are exceptional, remarkable, affordable, and praiseworthy. We continue receiving loads of congratulatory messages and unsolicited online reviews from past clients. Most of them even refer their friends, colleagues, business associated, and family members to us. What is more, we always endevour to deserve their praise and recommendations.


In conclusion, therefore, the next time you are in need of professional cleaning services performed by experts trained and experienced in the subtle art of cleaning, give us a call. You can also get in touch with us through the email address and the form on our ‘contact us’ page.

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